Docker crash course, running highly available applications in containers

What are containers ?? simply:¬†Package software into standardized units for development, shipment and deployment A container image is a lightweight, […]

ScaleIO Deployment & Integration With OpenStack (Mirantis Fuel 9.1)

In this video am recording a walk through DELL EMC ScaleIO Deployment which I carried out in my home LAB, […]

Deploying Mirantis OpenStack 9.1 Multi node

This Video is a recording for deploying Mirantis OpenStack with Fuel version 9.1 on Bare-metal Nodes (Simulated). what I mean […]

openstack rabbitmq deep dive by Mohamed ELMesseiry

OpenStack RabbitMQ Deep Dive for Integration and Monitoring

monitoring OpenStack is one of the most critical and important function because of all the different connected blocks. but despite […]

Simplifying OpenStack Instances Networking

Hey, Gurus, this post is going to be really interesting for anyone starting with OpenStack¬†networking. I remember when I first […]

Mohamed ELMesseiry@ openstackdays

Monitoring the Cloud @ OpenStackDays Istanbul

It’s such a great honor to be there as a speaker at OpenStackDays Istanbul, such an amazing opportunity and great […]

OpenStack : Changing the password of qcow2 image using guestfish

sometimes you grap a cloud image, you create a flavor and launch an instance and Ooops your dont know the […]

3G Network Fundamentals, Core Components

in this article, i will be a briefing on how 3G network is designed. the article displays the different components […]


Top 40 NFV Definitions and Terminologies you should know

In this post i though to list down the top 40 definitions and terminologies around network functions virtualization (NFV). the […]

Routing Protocols Simplified

the following article is combining the best video resources i found to summarize and explain routing protocols in brief and […]

How to CPU Pinning in OpenStack ?

In this article i will demonstrate how we can CPU pinning to increase performance of OpenStack Cloud Instances. CPU topology […]

Replacing KVM with QEMU

Redhat OpenStack 10: Replacing KVM with QEMU

first lests start by demonstrating the differences between KVM & QEMU Qemu: QEmu is a complete and standalone software of […]