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Top 40 NFV Definitions and Terminologies you should know

In this post i though to list down the top 40 definitions and terminologies around network functions virtualization (NFV). the […]

Routing Protocols Simplified

the following article is combining the best video resources i found to summarize and explain routing protocols in brief and […]

How to CPU Pinning in OpenStack ?

In this article i will demonstrate how we can CPU pinning to increase performance of OpenStack Cloud Instances. CPU topology […]

Replacing KVM with QEMU

RHOS 10: Replacing KVM with QEMU

first lests start by demonstrating the differences between KVM & QEMU Qemu: QEmu is a complete and standalone software of […]

Enabling SSL/TLS on Overcloud

RHOS 10 : Enabling SSL/TLS on Overcloud

as i was deploying Redhat OpenStack with SSL/TLS for the Overcloud, i faced an issue where¬†the deployment finished successfully and […]

Deploying Redhat OpenStack RHOS on VMWare ESXi

the following article will document the steps required to deploy Redhat OpenStack on top of vmware ESXi, there are some […]